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As a husband and father I am somewhat disgusted with what I believe is upper management of this franchise in Sioux Falls, SD. While getting a haircut I overheard a 20 something year old gentleman by the name of Stephen not just encouraging but requiring his staff to not just be flirtatious but almost demanding them to make sexual advances to increase sales and retention of clients.

With all of the issues this city has with human trafficking I don’t think this type of activity should be required of a staff of all females servicing an all-male customer base. This is also degrading of the all-female staff to have a male require these actions. In today’s society women should be viewed as equals and this is definitely not the case with Sport Clips. At one point the female staff member was expressing her concerns with requiring these actions and Stephen essentially said he doesn’t care how she feels she is paid to listen.

Absolutely disgusting and appalling.

Continuing to support this franchise and this man named Stephen is essentially encouraging the degradation of women in our society and promoting the potential of human trafficking. I will never return to this or any other Sport Clips and will be spreading the word regarding their lack of value in their female staff.

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