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I had been a customer of sports clips on and off for well over 10 years. I'm not lodging a complaint or expressing dissatisfaction with the staff or the quality of their work, but with the invasion of privacy in order to simply get a haircut.

What does my phone number or email address serve other than to recieve unsolicited information from corporate and the very strong possibility of that information being sold to other third party vendors. I just want a hair cut. I don't believe that's too difficult to ask for.

The great thing is, there's plenty other places to spend my money every three weeks. Once again it appears that a company strays from what they were doing well and is focusing on making more money at the expense of maintaining what got them there in the first place.

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Just remember: don't give the stylists grief about it. They have no control over the computer or what the system requires.

Those girls work the butts off for mediocre pay in a broken bonus system. I agree with you, but you should take that complaint to corporate.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1281858

Completely agree with you.

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