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My 9 y.o. scored a beautiful goal in hockey so he won this "sports clip - coupon" for a haircut.

He was super excited, us not so much because it is far away from us and he had homework to do. Anyways, we managed to go there and after 20 minutes wait my son goes proudly with his coupon and they ask for his ID. I explain that we don't normally carry his ID but we can provide any piece of ID that we, as his parents, have.

The answer was that they cannot cut his hair without his ID but we can pay for the service if we'd like (yeah right). Long story short - we returned home 1 hour later with no homework finished, no haircut but at least my son learned an important lesson about fake advertising.

Review about: Sport Clips Haircut Coupon.

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ID required is actually posted on all coupons of that nature. It's right there on the coupon.

The ID policy is corporate policy, and the stores can get into hot water if they don't follow it. Many of the stores have cameras as well, and they check to see what is reviewed and what isn't. Sounds like you didn't read the fine print and wanted to make up your own rules...

Y'all can go to the local chop shop down the street if you don't like it. That's corporate America for ya.


Sports Clip is family challenged. Just witnessed a father with his 2 sons get put to the back of the line because their new self serve sign in is pretty poor to let father's know they have extra screens to fill in if they want a child's hair cut.

Place was busy so this Dad found out what the manager said was his mistake after waiting 40 minutes and would now have to wait an additional 45 mins if they wanted their hair cut together. 3 others spoke up including myself that they were here first but the manager quoted it was corporate policy and couldn't make an exception.

Simply amazing they would make a father choose between having 3 children under the age of 8 wait an hour and a half or to leave. Sports Clip Boise, ID on Federal Way.

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