Question Facebook : So Everyone Knows I Just Had A Newborn Correction so during my pregnancy while working for SPORT CLIPS they ask me when i came back what can i do at first i said mornings just to prepare and find a good nanny or daycare. So they wrote it down so once i had him i realize i can only give Monday-friday 11am-430 latest 5pm weekend work me whatever!!

So i explain to the people ahead of me even came at them nicely.. So i was told i have to at least closed 1 or 2 nights okay fine I'm gonna see what i can do since i barely can find a decent nanny who wants to watch a newborn all day long you know.. So i pretty was on called and who leave at 430 no lie i can admit to that because i feel as a new mommy your baby comes first so i wasn't getting no writes or anything at first so recently i came back to my shift and i was told to even volunteer quit or only work 2 days which I'm full time i was willing to give what i could til i get things in order.. So i asked him to write it on paper stating they said this not me CORRECTION...

So they recently hire a new girl and pretty much give her a 11-5 schedule which i clearly needed fot the moment and she not closing at all according to the schedule i even took pictures.. So i came into work really late on Sunday and after i told them i waa going to HR all of sudden i get my writes from the way back and my demotion papers which was fine.. But my question is why wait til yesterday to give me writes up and demotion papers after i told them i waa going to HR.. PETTY HUH?

So Facebook should i keep on fighting this or what? Who wrong am i wrong for putting my son first and still wanting to work or No?

I was willing to meet the company half waaay but apparently NOPE.. GIVE ME FEEDBACK

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

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